SAPE links still working in 2016? Damn straight they are, keep on reading…

Hey guys and welcome to the updated version of! You’re here because you’re sick of trying to rank in Google without any success. I bet you’ve tried almost anything so far and you’re about to give up.

Don’t do this just yet!

Give me 10 minutes to convince you that you CAN and WILL get what you’ve been dreaming of – first page ranking in Google for your main keywords (yeah, I’m talking about top 10, top 5 and even FIRST POSITION for whatever your target keywords are).

Sounds great, right? OK, but how is this possible?

sape links

SAPE links are nothing like the links you’ve built before

Real-time Penguin 4.0 is already here and Google promises that almost all grey hat and black hat techniques will soon die.

Let me ask you something. How many times have Google promised things to SEOs and webmasters and kept their word? Not many. Actually, almost never.

But why would Google want to fool us?

Simple. In order to convince us that there is no shortcut to first page rankings in Google. Except that there are. It’s called SAPE links network – the powerful, one-of-a-kind blackhat weapon that you’ve never even dreamed of.

Without further ado, let me tell you why you should buy SAPE links today and skyrocket your rankings, traffic and sales.

What are SAPE links?

SAPE.RU is the biggest and most powerful Russian network for buying and selling links which has over 700 000 websites in its database with more then 600 000 000 pages that you can choose to buy links from.Yes, you read correctly – 600 million pages that can link to your website. That’s nothing short of incredible!

SAPE network was founded as many as 10 years ago in the distant 2006. During the past decade this enormous  link network has evolved big time and we can undoubtedly say that these Russian guys know their stuff.

After 15 years of endless Google updates this Russian network is still ruling the SERPs for one simple reason – they are uncatchable and leave ZERO FOOTPRINTS behid them. This, in combination with their big strength and high quiality, results in top 10 Google rankings.

Buying and selling links is against Google’s TOS. Yup, so what?

Yeah, yeah… we’ve all heard this before! To be honest I’m pretty sure that all of us are sick to death of this statement.

Sure, we all know that buying and selling links is against Google’s TOS. But still, there are thousands of websites that occupy the top 10 results with tons of bought links and are still intact.

Google promise that they are doing all they can to exclude all web spam from their SERP and that no paid links can get you top rankings, but we all know this is far from the truth. And the TRUTH is that in the highly competitive online niches you need to get really strong backlinks in order to reach the first page of the search results for your main keywords.

OK, but how to get such high quality links? Can we get them for free? The answer is no.

How to get the links you need to rule your online niche?

The websites that have the links that you need in order to achieve top rankings will not be ready to give them away for free. They know the price of a good link and have invested lots of time, energy and money to make their sites that strong.

So then what? How can we get the links we need?

We purchase them.

Really? Buying backlinks? But is this risky?

Sure, but what isn’t?

I have read lots of blog posts and forum topics where SEOs and webmasters complain that Google have penalized their sites for unnatural links (i.e. purchased links) without even one bought link in their link profiles.

This is unfair, don’t you think? If Google can’t distinguish natural out of unnatural links then why should we follow their rules in the first place?

Exactly, we shouldn’t.

How to lower the risk and increase results with SAPE link building?

Guys, I didn’t say we shouldn’t be careful. On the contrary, we MUST be careful.

Believe me when I tell you that if you buy some quality SAPE backlinks with strong SEO metrics you can achieve some great results with a minimum risk involved.

However, in order to do some quality SAPE link building you will need an experienced SAPE expert who:

  1. Knows a lot about SEO and how to rank websites in practice (I have over 8 years of SEO experience)
  2. Knows the SAPE network itself even better (I have over 6 years of working with SAPE.RU)

You see, I’m your guy and you’ve come to the right place! Awesome 😉

But hasn’t SAPE been crushed by Google in 2013? NO.

Yes, I’ve also read this article back in 2013. And no, it’s not true that the SAPE network is dead. Actually it’s more alive than ever and you’re reading this page because of this fact :)

I know, there have been lots of blog and forum topics in the last couple of years claiming that the SAPE.RU link network has finally been taken down by Google. The main reason for this speculation is the fact that in some of the most popular SEO forums (example: and appeared multiple threads written by users claiming they have purchased SAPE links from different SAPE providers and their sites disappeared from the SERP completely.

Look I won’t say this information is total rubbish, because some of the sites that participated in this Russian link market actually took a hit.

But only the crappy ones.

Which, unfortunatly, form about 95% of the SAPE backlinks out there. And probably 99% of the SAPE providers.

Which part of SAPE.RU was actually exposed?

Which SAPE links were punished by Google exaclty?

The answer is quite logical. Only these sites and pages which were of the lowest quality and were selling links too aggressively.

These are websites were selling too many backlinks or were linking to sites with adult, gambling or pharmacy content. Also, most of them were caught selling too many links at once.


But isn’t this valid for all low quality sites?  You’re absolutely right!

You see, these awesome SAPE links are no different that all the other normal links out there. With one VERY IMPORTANT exception. They really work.

What type of SAPE links can skyrocket my rankings?

In order to answer this question I urge you to read these 3 pages:

  • Why Choose Me? – here I explain why my methods are unique and work like a charm
  • My SEO Tools – you’ll learn what tools I use to make sure you get the best of the best links fro your website
  • My FAQ section – you’ll find answers to all your questions including how to purchase SAPE links, how long does it take me to build them and about my refund policy.

Can I register in SAPE and buy links myself?

Sure, you can try. I’m pretty sure that you’ll soon give up though.

You see, everyone can register in SAPE.RU. That’s pretty easy. Just visit their home page and give it a try. But after your account has been created your problems will begin.

In a nutshell, Russian SAPE link network has a very sophisticated verification process where you’ll have to upload your copies of your ID card, full bank account details (with a signature and stamp from the bank itself), electricity bills to prove your identity and address.

And that’s not all.

Next you’ll have to verify your credit or debit card. Believe me when I say that this whole verification thing a real bitch. I won’t go into details but will only say that  it took me 3 visits to my bank, 2 phone calls and 1 month period to get this step done.

Finally, as if everything said above isn’t enough, not every country is supported by the SAPE network. That’s the main reason why this link market has survived during all these years and its backlinks are one of the most wanted ones.

The good news?

Now you shouldn’t wonder how to register in SAPE anymore. This whole nasty as hell verification process can be skipped. The only thing you should do now is to check out my SAPE packages and to choose the one that fits your needs best.

I will take care of the rest :)

See you on the other side, guys!


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