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Are you concerned about the constant Google updates that are taking place in the last several months? Are you worried about the notorious warnings of unnatural links that almost everyone has received during the last 2 years since the Penguin algorithm was initially launched? As you are here on this website, you are probably eager to test the magical SAPE links you have read about in each and every reputable SEO forum in the world. But let me guess – you are anxious too. And I know the reason for this.

Actually, there are two reasons. The ceaseless Google updates that seem to make no sense to both SEO experts and webmasters and all the posts and articles claiming that the powerful SAPE network has finally been hit by Google. Some might think this is true, but as you are reading this at the moment I would presume that you are on the other side and you want to buy SAPE links no matter what you have read on blogs and forums. Good! You are on the right place then.


So, I assume you have already heard of the powerful Russian network SAPE.RU and are probably considering whether you should try these SAPE links on your websites. Also, you have heard of the Google’s Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms and you are worried whether your web projects will be penalized by the most popular search engine in the world. Do you know what unnatural link warning means? If you do, then you have every right to be anxious.

Google’s Guidelines

We all know that buying and selling links is against Google’s TOS. But still, there are thousands of websites that occupy the top 10 results with tons of bought links and are still intact. Google promise that they are doing all they can to exclude all web spam from their SERP (search engine results pages) and that no paid links can get you top rankings, but we all know this is far from the truth. And the truth is that in the highly competitive online niches you need to get really strong backlinks in order to reach the first page of the search results for your main keywords. OK, but how to get such high quality links? Can we get them for free? The answer is no.

So how do we get the powerful links we need?

The websites that have the links that you need in order to achieve top rankings will not be ready to give them away for free. They know the price of a good link and have invested lots of time, energy and money to make their sites that strong. So then what? How can we get the links we need? We purchase them.

But is this risky?

Sure, but what isn’t? I have read lots of blog posts and forum topics where SEOs and webmasters complain that Google have penalized their sites for unnatural links (i.e. purchased links) without even one bought link in their link profiles. This is unfair, don’t you think? If Google can’t distinguish natural out of unnatural links then why should we follow their rules so strictly?

How to lower the risk and increase the results?

I can tell you that if you buy some good backlinks with strong SEO parameters that are relevant to your site’s topic you can achieve some great results with a minimum risk involved. In order to to this you will need an experienced SAPE expert who knows both SEO and the SAPE network for quite some time and is acquainted to all the techniques that can help you get the rankings that your business needs and deserves. With enough know-how you can benefit from the SAPE links even in the post Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird era.

 Where do SAPE links come from?

These mighty backlinks are purchased directly from the official market for Russian links – SAPE.RU. This is the most popular link network in Russia and one of the biggest in Europe. It was found in 2006 and is one of the best places to buy high PageRank links. SAPE has over 720 000 websites in its database with more then 620 000 000 pages that you can choose to buy links from. This network is one of the few ones that survived Penguin 1.0 and 2.0 and the Hummingbird Google updates without being busted by Google.

But I read that SAPE has actually been crushed by Google? Is this so?

There have been lots of blog and forum topics in the last few months claiming that the Russian network for backlinks have finally been taken down by Google. The main reason for this speculation is the fact that in some of the most popular SEO forums (example: blackhatworld.com and warriorforum.com) appeared multiple threads written by users claiming they have purchased SAPE links from different SAPE providers and their sites disappeared from the SERP completely. I can’t say this information is total rubbish, because some of the sites that participated in this Russian link market actually took a hit.

Which part of the SAPE network was exposed?

Which SAPE links were punished by Google? The answer is clear. Only these of the lowest quality – pages that were selling too many links or links to sites with adult, gambling or pharmacy content, which are not tolerated by the biggest search engine. Also, most of the sites that sold many outbound links to irrelevant websites or sites in such black or gray niches. You can learn more about me, my working habits or the professional SEO tools that I use and make sure I don’t leave anything to chance in my job!

Is there any evidence of this being true?

I know that SAPE.RU is still intact as I have been working with it for over 3 years now and I have conducted enough tests on hundreds of websites in order to be able to answer almost all questions related to this link selling market. Another proof in favor of this statement is the fact that I currently manage many successful SAPE campaigns even after Penguin 2.0 and the newest Hummingbird updates took place. If the whole Russian network has been destroyed by Google this couldn’t have been possible.

How can I order SAPE links?

The registration in the SAPE network is quite difficult and time-consuming. Also, not every country is supported by SAPE.RU. That’s the main reason why this link market has survived during all these years and its backlinks are one of the most wanted ones. This is not accidental. These Russian links are one of the quickest ways to achieve top 10 positions in the SERPs. Now you shouldn’t wonder how to register in SAPE anymore as the whole verification process can be skipped. You don’t have to be a Russian citizen or to verify your credit card in the SAPE system or to attach all the documents that are required by this link network anymore. The only thing you should do is to visit my SAPE packages and to choose the one that you find the best for your needs.

If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact page, email or Skype account. I will be glad to help you select the best option for your website.

Looking forward to working with you!

Nikolay Stoyanov

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